Konectik Digital & The Discoclashers present Discovery !

What happens there in Namur?
The label from Lille Konectik Digital is proud to announce its next release on November 22, entitled « We Are » of DiscoClashers! The electro duo will perform on the occasion of the release Saturday, November 24th at the coffee Quai 12 in Namur for the first edition of the Discovery parties.

The train is running at Quai 12, the team will prepare an evening rich in discoveries. Many artists will occur in the dj set live show, there will be something for everyone! This is the 9 pm whistle will be given to the first edition.

You board a train bus: so what are your stops? Here is the program:

History to take the train as it should, the evening will begin with a Dj unusual, Sebastien Gillard. Sit comfortably in first class, his music transport you!

Adlibs, a talented dj / composer Namur will heat the car with a set of clean and energetic that he alone has the secret!

The duo must DiscoClashers to honor their first release on the label Lille! To do this, they will return to Quai 12 with an energetic  and devastating set!

Lelectrolab the official composer of DiscoClashers will, you stay on track with his « electronic guitar live show » with talented Nicolas Lebailly!

Just after the 5th stop the Synthagmatics will present their unique! liveset If you like dubstep and drum & bass, you will be served!

Finally, before entering the station, Hypnotik end the evening in style with a set tech house!


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