Konectik / Altivar
Raider 79
The Discoclashers

Konectik / Altivar

Born in 1984 in Lille, Konectik fell into music very young. He begins a formation in a conservatory. His childhood was marked by rock groups with such as Pink Floyd and Queen, then a teenager by hip hop and dance. This is 17 years he discovered electronic music and by the same opportunity djing. He bought his first vinyls and made his first testing the composition. Until 2009, he mixes in several party in Lille, Valenciennes or Belgium. At that time, he signed his first EP on a digital labell. He went on until 2011, several EP in style hardtek / frenchtek, Slicer Records label, and manages in parallel, a label focused on tech-house, minimal and electro. After an unfortunate experience, he founded his own label in March 2011: Konectik Digital . He wants to sign artists from several horizons. In 2011, he resumed his work as a dj. He played in the Gay Pride Lille and several bars of the region. Today, he seeks to expose his passion to the world!



  • Konectik – Lotus EP (Break 2 Electro – Digital – Hardtechno)
  • Psycho – Cheese (Slicer Records – Digital – Hardtechno)


  • Psycho – Closed (Slicer Records – Digital – Hardtechno)
  • Psycho & CsStyle – Hors Programme (Slicer Records – 12″ – Hardtechno)
  • Konectik – Cookies (Konnexion Records – Digital – Techno)
  • Altivar – Clockwork (Konnexion Records – Digital – Techno)
  • Altivar – Kleptomane (Konnexion Records – Digital – Techno)


  • Psycho – Kapture (Slicer Records – Digital – Hardtechno)
  • Konectik – Hawai (Konectik Digital – Digital – Techno)
  • Konectik – Talk To You (Konectik Digital – Digital – Techno)
  • Altivar – Clockwork (Konectik Digital (Reedition) – Digital – Techno)


  • Konectik – Gladiator (Konectik Digital – Digital – Techno)
  • Konectik – Walking On The Moon (Konectik Digital – Digital – Techno)
  • Altivar – Eklektik (Konectik Digital – Digital – Electro)

Raider 79

Seriously, I hear you ask, who the hell is Raider? Is he digestible, water-soluble, energy-
giving? Born in 1979, way before Chernobyl, he’s not immune to the music virus which eats
him away! He’s got a fiery, hyperactive, voluntaristic nature. In order to channel this tireless
energy, his father offers him, on his 14th birthday, his first Technics turntables. Here’s what it
takes to become one of Tournai’s youngest DJ’s and perform in various parties from 1994 to

From then, things are set in motion: Raider, the red haired DJ, now living in Mons, purchase
his first groove machine in 2004. His creativity shapes up, he composes his first tracks and
performs at a party at the Waux-Hall in Mons.

During the next years, while gathering more powerful gear and crafting more elaborate tracks,
Raider performs at events (TransNumériques 2008, Riffs ‘n’ Bips 2009, Elektrorgasm parties)
and bars in Mons and Brussels (Le Pavillon Noir, L’Arcobaleno, Le Bateau Ivre, 123, Rue

A fruitful collaboration with the band The Fouck Brothers from Brussels makes his music
evolve. Last September, a new challenge comes up : a 2 tracks digital release on the label
Konectik Digital, “I’ll Make your Ears Bleed, Part I”, including words written and performed
by Raoul Duke. This opus reflects Raider’s powerful, sharp style. The second part then comes
up in December, and will be followed by 3 more, planned for late 2012 / early 2013.

You’d better get ready: Raider is gonna make you bleed! But not in a bad, weakening way.
He’s just gonna clean all the “bad blood” clogging up the pipes of your ears and brain. That’s
the point of his music: the power of his rhythms, melodies and atmospheres will help you
let off steam, clear your mind, will rouse your curiosity, in other words: will make you feel

Raider is currently seeking gigs in Belgium and abroad.



  • I’ll Make Your Ears Bleed – Part I – ft Raoul Duke (Konectik Digital – Digital – Electronica)
  • I’ll Make Your Ears Bleed – Part II (Konectik Digital – Digital – Electronica)


  • I’ll Make Your Ears Bleed – Part III (Konectik Digital – Digital – Electronica)
  • I’ll Make Your Ears Bleed – Part IV (Konectik Digital – Digital – Electronica)

The Discoclashers

The Discoclashers

The DiscoClashers is the combination of Korati Malik and Kinet Harold for a dynamic duo! This group offers mixes frenzied on eclectic sounds ranging from electroclash rock, hip hop and drum & bass. The goal is not to be limited to a particular style but simply play the sounds from the most popular group in a dynamic and highly charged set! Having proven themselves in many student parties and through their emission Analogy RUN (Namur University Radio), they played in the biggest parties of Wallonia, Leuze and various concepts of the region.


  • We Are (Konectik Digital – Digital – Electronica)

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